Free Franzis PhotoZoom 7.0.2 Classic for Windows and Macos


PhotoZoom 7 provides you with the worldwide leading technology specialized in reducing and enlarging digital images. It is an essential tool for anybody looking to enlarge images in the best quality possible – the software has been optimized for digital use.

It’s also particularly well suited to DTP image enhancement, industrial image editing (such as aero-space technology), application in the field of medicine, security, large format prints and online publications as well as for editing web images

Clarity and Vividness settings for brilliant image enlargement
Bring the finest image details to life
Unprecedented sharpness paired with unmatched image quality
Perfect for stunning close-ups
Prints images directly from PhotoZoom
Maximum performance level of patented S-Spline technology
Can now also be integrated with Lightroom
For Windows and Mac

Giveaway Windows:
Giveaway MacOS:
Download for Windows: PhotoZoom-7.0.2-Classic_WINen.exe
Download for MacOS:

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