What if you need to import a whole lot of MSG files to Outlook? Is there a better way to transfer your MSG files to Outlook? Yes. The tool is called MSG to Outlook Transfer which precisely describes what it does. In a few clicks, any number of MSG files are converted to the PST format. Safe automatic conversion ensures full readability of emails in Outlook, while the extra-fast conversion engine solves the entire task in a few minutes. And thanks to the friendly Wizard, moving MSG files to Outlook is a no-brainer task even for first-timers!

Below is a list of key features of MSG to Outlook Transfer:

A simple and convenient user interface suitable for a very wide audience ranging from novices to trained professionals
Direct data output to an Outlook profile or *.PST file with best in class conversion accuracy
Support of binary and text *.MSG files thanks to auto-detection module
Support of email archives containing any number of folders and files of any size
Data pre processing for full message readability in MS Outlook
Possibility to select the destination Outlook folder
100% compatibility with all popular versions of MS Outlook
Compatible with all current Windows versions and editions, including 64-bit

Homepage: https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/msg-to-outlook-transfer/
Download: MSGtoOutlookTransfer-
Serial Key: ***MSG155T-H798N-WE08HZS-200916I


Migrate Entourage to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010 & earlier
So, you are done with Microsoft Entourage on Mac and want to use a more up-to-date Outlook on Windows? Well, here is how you can transfer e-mails from one to the other. The tool is called Entourage to Outlook Transfer. Not the most creative name ever, but at least you will easily remember that. The tool works like this: You select a folder with your Entourage files. Then, you select a PST file to transfer e-mails, attachments etc. Finally, you run the transfer and pretty quickly end up with your new Outlook mail box mirroring the old one from Entourage. You'll hardly find an easier way, so download the tool and finish the transfer of your messages today.

Entourage E-mail Transfer Software boasts the following features:

Lightning-fast conversion of *.MBOX files directly to Outlook or standalone *.PST files
Lightweight, easy-to-understand and intuitive user interface
Support of Entourage mailbox files of any size and structure
Automatic message conversion, including body, images and attachments
Automatic conversion of email encoding for 100% readability on the target system.
Option to extract Entourage messages to *.EML files
Support of data transfer even in situations when the source file is damaged (mbox file recovery)

Homepage: https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/entourage-to-outlook-transfer/
Download: EntouragetoOutlookTransfer-


How to convert The Bat! mailbox files to Outlook? The answer is simpler than you might think. The The Bat! to Outlook Transfer tool takes The Bat! mailbox files exported as a Unix mailbox file, automatically detects encodings, extracts attachments and configures the process for the most accurate transfer. With little or no effort you can migrate from The Bat! to Outlook even if you have multiple e-mail accounts. The best thing: you can try this tool for free.

Below are the highlights of The Bat! to Outlook Transfer:

A super-simple and lightweight User Interface with a minimum of control elements
Based on a powerful proprietary data conversion engine with best in class efficiency
Three output modes: Outlook profile, *.PST file and multiple *.EML files
Support of email archives of any size
Accurate conversion of email encoding for full readability in Outlook
Full compatibility with all major versions of Outlook
Ease of installation – no extra components required
Compatible with all current Windows versions and editions, including 64-bit

Homepage: https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/thebat-to-outlook-transfer/
Download: TheBattoOutlookTransfer-
Serial Key: THE876T-H296Z-FR49HZLC-200124G