Photo Stitcher could help you to merge multiple photos automatically and make a single long one. The whole process could be done in a few seconds. You can use Photo Stitcher to merge Conversion screenshot / To-Do List / Tweet List / Comment List / Long Article / Long Web Page or anything you want.
After drag and drop all your photos, you may need to rearrange the photo in a proper order according to your need. Click “Edit Photos” button and drag one of the photos and drop to another. Our program will change the order automatically and instantly.
We provide flexible solutions for users to crop each photo in a custom way. You can drag the cropping stitcher and crop the photo from the side, top, or bottom. It is quite simple for you to position your crop by moving the picture.
We provide a super-easy way for you to add spacing between photos after you have created a row of images horizontally or vertically. Just drag the slider to get the proper size. You can adjust the outer spacing as well as the inner spacing.

What’s more, we provide useful tools for you to edit the merged photos. You can add annotation, watermarks, shapes, arrows and frames. Some editing fucntions will provide you with further options like the color, font size and the like. Just give it a try.

Download for Windows: PhotoStitcher-forWin-2.0.0.exe
Download for MacOS: PhotoStitcher-2.0.0.dmg
Serial Key: 7b0b9b96-14bd-4ec6-9dfc-f76821dea2f2