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Are you using Puzzle Maker Pro for your sudokus, but you need to save more time when creating puzzles and puzzle books?

Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver for Sudoku will definitely save you time.

It consists of three modules (which are not available separately):

  • Time Saver for Sudoku 9×9 – allows you to specify the number of puzzles for each difficulty level;
  • Time Saver for Sudoku Kids Edition – allows you to specify the number of puzzles for each difficulty level;
  • Time Saver for Sudoku Variations – allows you to specify the number of puzzles for each puzzle type.

Each of these will use the styling options -fonts, colors, cliparts, lines – from the regular puzzle settings.

There’s more:

Each Time Saver module will unlock the advanced styling options, allowing you to create PDF or PPT documents with 2, 4, 6, 9 or 12 puzzles or solutions on a page. And to collate the puzzles and solutions – without Time Saver you can create PDF or PPT with 1 puzzle or solution on each page.

The name for this product was suggested by our customers, and it does just what the name says: It saves you time. Hours for each puzzle book. If time is of importance to you, Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver for Sudoku would be a valuable investment.

How does it work?

It’s simple.

Go to the Time Saver tab, and click “Use Time Saver to generate puzzles”.

Type or select the options you need, e.g. the number of puzzles for each type.

Click “Create”.

Optionally you can set or change the puzzle styling options first, on the Puzzle Settings tab.


Like any Puzzle Maker Pro module, Time Saver will create the puzzles as image files (JPG or PNG) at 300 DPI on your computer. Lightning fast.

Don’t just make a good puzzle, make a pro puzzle with Puzzle Maker Pro.

The Puzzle Maker Pro system

Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver for Sudoku is one of the modules in Puzzle Maker Pro. You need any of the Sudoku modules to make it work!

Time Saver also uses presets: You can save your settings as a preset, and use the preset again, to create several puzzle books with a similar structure and layout.

Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver Features:

  • Super-easy to use, ideal for novices and experienced puzzle makers alike
  • Use the styling options included with your Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku purchases
  • Intuitive dashboard controls and interactive preview to see your changes right away
  • Create puzzles of different types or difficulty levels in one go
  • Export as a puzzle book in JPG, PPTX (PowerPoint) or PDF format with advanced layout and collation options
  • Optimized for MS Windows 7 or higher, also compatible with Virtual Windows on Mac (contact customer support for more information)
  • Full commercial rights to your creations
  • Helpful and quick customer support
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • One-time payment with no on-going monthly fees

Choose Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver for Sudoku today to save time. Time you can use with your friends or family, or… to create many more books.


With BookPublisherTools products you can enjoy continued support and regular updates with new and improved features, all included in the one-off price with no on-going fees for Puzzle Maker Pro modules.

And with our 30-day money back guarantee, if for any reason you’re not happy with your software, you can get a full refund – no questions asked. Just reach out to our helpdesk, which can be found in the member area.


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