To increase security against malware, Microsoft has introduced User Account Control in Windows Vista and later. The user (including the administrator) must confirm a security dialog when starting the program. This is intended to prevent the unwanted execution of programs with administrative rights and thus guarantee system integrity. However, the confirmation prompt is also displayed if you deliberately call a known program via a desktop icon or the start menu. The software abylon UAC-GRABBER allows you to start the program without further inquiry if the Windows security concept is still activated. The programs can be called by means of special desktop icons or starting from Windows 8 and 10 over the tray icon with alternative start menu. For quick access, frequently used programs can be placed in the Favorites folder. The internal autostart folder allows programs to be started automatically with admin rights when the system is booted or when logging in.

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Non-encrypted files are easy prey for spies and other curious people. The only remedy is a sufficiently secure encryption with recognized encryption methods. The software abylon CRYPTDRIVE creates so-called container files, which are secured with the known encryption algorithms AES or Blowfish. Only if the corresponding key was used, the secured data show up in the file explorer. As key a password can be entered over the keyboard, as well as a chip card, USB stick or certificate can be used. When Cryptdrive is open, the contained files are displayed in the assigned drive and can be edited and opened there. Applications can also be installed here, whereby the encryption runs automatically in the background. When Cryptdrive is closed, the drive is hidden and the contained data is protected against further access.

Application example for encryption
The computers are becoming more and more mobile. Nowadays, powerful electronic components fit into even the smallest housings. In professional life, too, a laptop, notebook or ultrabook is increasingly being used instead of the clumsy desktop PC. Since Microsoft Windows 8 has optimized its operating system for finger input, this operating system can even be found on tablets or convertibles. However, the mobility of these devices increases the risk of loss through forgetting or criminal energy. In this case, the encryption of your personal data is almost mandatory. The data is stored in a highly encrypted Cryptdrive and is protected against unauthorized access. The Cryptdrive is opened with the appropriate password and/or hardware key. There is no secret entrance or backdoor. In this way the secured data is protected against unwanted access in the worst case.

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Download: CRYPTDRIVE-19.10.3.exe


Secure data deletion Full deletion of files, drives, free space and Internet traces
Many programs store temporary files on the hard disk for optimization and further processing. Just like the delete function of Windows, this data is not completely removed and can also be restored by other programs for evaluation. With this data you can draw conclusions about used files and visited websites. Even more dramatic is that complete documents, videos and pictures can be restored. The software abylon SHREDDER deletes selected files securely and irretrievably from the hard disk. In addition the data are overwritten up to 35 times with random characters. Afterwards also forensic laboratory procedures cannot restore the files. Beside the safe deletion function the software offers still further helpful Tools for the increase of the productivity and the protection of the privacy

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The computer now serves as a huge data storage for documents, pictures and videos. These documents often have a huge ideal value. This data can be irrevocably lost due to accidental deletion or a hard drive crash and malware. But the annoyance of such data loss can be avoided. With the softwareabylon BACKUP-TUBEyou can create an exact copy of directories. The data is backed up automatically or manually by triggering the backup or synchronization job. Intelligent routines speed up the backup process and thus reduce the amount of data. This means that only changed or new files are copied to the backup copy. In the case of synchronization, files deleted in the source directory are also removed in the target directory. This means that the data backup is always up to date and in the event of damage, individual files or the entire directory can be restored from the data mirror without great effort.

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.de/backup-tube/
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Download: backuptube2020.3_gnet.exe


The software abylon CRYPT in the BOX is an easy to use safe for your files. The software offers two ways to encrypt data. The easiest way is to simply copy files into the specified CRYPT directory. The software recognizes this and encrypts the file automatically and without any further action. In addition, the software offers a program window in which the encrypted files are displayed. To open it, the corresponding password must be entered once or the hardware key must be inserted. The encrypted data can then be accessed without further input. The processing of the files and all usual file operations are possible here. By Drag&Drop or a selection dialog files can be added and encrypted. The encrypted files are opened with the usual program and changes are automatically applied. The file-based structure allows simultaneous access for several authorized users, e.g. via the network.

Automatic encryption of files in the AUTOCRYPT directory with AES (256-bit)
Access only with password or hardware key
All file operations can be performed in the program interface
Simultaneous access for multiple users
Access to the encrypted files is only possible for the logged in Windows user and with the program window open
Drag&Drop and automatic shredding of original files

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.com/crypt-in-the-box/
Download: cryptbox2020_bdj-
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EXIF metadata delete program Shows and deletes meta file information from images
Many camera manufacturers and graphics programs store additional information in EXIF format in created images and captured photos. This meta data includes camera model and serial number, comments, copyrights, chamber settings, editing programs, thumbnails or GPS coordinates. This can be very helpful for archiving and image analysis. The software abylon EXIF-CLEANER offers an overview of all contained data. In addition, this meta information can be completely removed with one click. By the cleaning of the image files your personal fingerprint is removed, so that cross-references or a backtracing is no longer possible. This is useful, for example, if the images are uploaded to the Internet (image archives, communities or social networks).

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.com/exif-cleaner/
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Download: exifcleaner-2020.3.Priv-sos.exeexifcleaner-2020.3.Priv-sos.exe


AntiSpy and process monitoring Permanently blocks unwanted monitoring, applications, services and drivers
Many processes and services are started automatically during Windows logon. These programs are partially invisible to the user and perform tasks such as monitoring the machine and user, checking for updates, or performing periodic tasks. These processes require some computing power and can only be disabled cumbersomely or not with Windows-Boardmittel.
The software abylon APP-BLOCKER groups the entries in categories, such as Autostart, Registry, AntiSpy, programs, services and drivers. Here you can deactivate them permanently or remove them completely. Information about the individual processes is displayed in the info block and online on the homepage.
An essential function of the software abylon APP-BLOCKER is the prevention of computer and user monitoring. Under the category AntiSpy critical services, internet connections and registry entries can be deactivated or changed with one click.

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.com/app-blocker/
Download: appblocker2020_bdj-April2020.exeappblocker2020_bdj-April2020.exe
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Wi-Fi connection tool Lists WiFi networks and finds free hotspots or public access
If you do not have an Internet flatrate, searching for a free hotspot or public Internet access outside your own four walls can be time-consuming and annoying. The Windows functionality is far too sluggish and quickly becomes confusing due to the intermediate storage of wireless networks. The software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER checks at regular intervals for real available Wi-Fi networks and lists them in a clear tree structure. In addition to the network name (SSID), the connection status, network type, encryption algorithm and signal strength in percent are also displayed. Starting with Windows Vista, the connection to the selected network is established if the access is free, public or already known. The software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER also takes over the individual PC settings, if these are necessary. This allows even technically less experienced users in a foreign city to connect to the Internet.

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.com/wlan-live-scanner/
Download: wlanscanner_bdj2020.3.exe
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Registry key: 00EN-07386A02-9B90BA2D48-U19V7


Various tools for file operations, such as access protection by encryption or copying and synchronizing

Remember that not only company computers contain data that should be protected from unauthorized access. Through encryption, important files can also be protected on privately used computers with this collection of tools. Passwords, USB sticks, various chip cards or certificates can be used as keys. As additional security, a password scrambler prevents key loggers from reading the keyboard input. The data encrypted with AES or Blowfish can only be opened with the correct key. In addition, the software offers the possibility to sign files, create a backup or synchronize data. The software is operated directly in the Windows File Explorer or alternatively via an assistant

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.com/basic/
Download: basic19.10.1_priv_bdj.exe
Registry key: 00EN-CC37287A-FB35C21423-U19V7


Deletes EXIF image information from one or more image or graphic files in one go

Homepage: https://www.abylonsoft.com/exif-cleaner/
Download: exifcleaner-2020.1.Priv-bdj.exe
Registry key: 00EN-CC37287A-C38AFAB3A2-U19V7