FILEminimizer Pictures is a software to reduce the size of your images, photos and pictures by up to 98% through our native file optimization technology. After compression, your photos and images are still in your image format and are still beautiful – but a lot smaller in size!

Share your photos and images easily online on Flickr® and co. and send images easier via email. Optimize and upload photos easier to Facebook® with FILEminimizer's Facebook upload functionality and never waste time again.

Image compression by up to 98%: your 5MB photos are reduced to 0.1MB and still look beautiful
Compress your JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and EMF images and pictures by up to 98%
Keep the original file format – no unzipping required
Pack & Go: optimize your images and pictures and directly send them via email
Facebook Integration: compress your photos and upload them directly to Facebook
Search Wizard: find and compress pictures, images and photos on PCs and networks
Choose the most adequate compression from 4 different compression levels
Batch Process: compress whole digital photo albums at once
Advanced settings for lossless compression, handling of EXIF information, etc.


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FILEminimizer PDF compresses PDF files and documents and reduces PDF file sizes by 40-75% using balesio's native format optimization technology for PDF file compression. The software optimizes PDF structures and compresses pictures, graphics and objects within a PDF file while preserving the original file format and quality. Compressed PDF files are much smaller, consume less storage space and are ideal for sharing and sending via email. Recipients don't need the software to edit or view the compressed PDF files. Mailboxes, servers, file storage and networks are relieved and loading time is accelerated.

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Record screen activities in real-time to quickly and easily create your own screencasts, demos, tutorials, software simulations and videos for the Internet without any programming language necessary.

Record all screen activity in real-time, even webinars or video conferences
Convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash videos
Easily edit the captured video and insert captions, notes, special effects, etc.
Record sound during the capture process or add it conveniently during playback
“Memory Manager” for better recording performance
Small output size is ideal for e-mail and Internet use. Choose between different output formats including Flash, EXE, ASF, DVD, SVCD and VCD



FILEminimizer Office (the new PPTminimizer) compresses PowerPoint, Word and Excel files and reduces the file size by up to 98% using an intelligent office file compression software technique which compresses pictures and embedded objects while still preserving the original file format and quality. The optimized office files are then much smaller, safer and ideal for sharing and sending via email. Recipients don't need the software to edit or view the optimized files. Mailboxes, servers and networks are relieved and loading time is accelerated.

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Compress PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets without changing the file formats.