IvyBackup is backup software for Windows that is easy and intuitive to use. It saves you time, money and headaches. It protects your files from total or partial loss and ensures your files and documents are never left vulnerable.

IvyBackup is a light-weight, efficient and user friendly smart backup tool for Windows. It helps you create and schedule your backups in the shortest time possible.

IvyBackup simplifies your backup process. It features a unique level of backup customization and an accommodating user interface. All this allows you to create and automate simple or complex backup tasks with ease.

IvyBackup creates full and smart backups (differential and incremental). It performs backup tests and can run completely automated backups. IvyBackup helps you manage your backups in a more visual and natural way.

Built with speed and efficiency in mind, IvyBackup is incredibly fast. IvyBackup is optimized for low resource consumption, it’s designed not to slow you down.

Homepage: https://ivybackup.com
Download: IvyBackup-3.1.9.Rev38200.exe
License Name: sharewareonsale2020
Serial Key: 173D6466D51CB5D03B8643EFF43E8AD54F2E6481-C9DD48450EAAF6C8A82BFF4ECB48D6B54BC62107