FileMenu Tools is an application which lets you customize the context menu of Windows File Explorer.

The main features are the following:

Add some built-in utilities that perform operations on files and folders. These utilities are explained below in more detail.
Add custom commands which run a specific action. The possible actions are the following:
Run external applications
Copy/move to a specific folder
Delete specific file types
Send the selected files as attachments to e-mail recipient(s)
Rename the selected files using a set of rules
Configure the “Send to…” submenu
Enable/disable commands which are added by other applications to the context menu

Homepage: https://www.lopesoft.com/index.php/en/products/filemenutools
Download: FileMenuTools-7.7.exe
Serial Key: GIVEAWAY-082020-0707


LopeEdit is a powerful programmer's editor and a replacement of Windows Notepad.

There are two editions of LopeEdit: LopeEdit Lite (freeware) and LopeEdit Pro (shareware). LopeEdit Lite is fully functional but does not contain all features, and LopeEdit Pro includes all features. You must purchase LopeEdit Pro if you wish to use it. You can try LopeEdit Pro for 30 days if you don't register it.

Basic Features (LopeEdit Lite and LopeEdit Pro)
Supports visual themes: Office 2003 , Visual Studio 2005 , Office XP , Office 2000 or Windows XP .
Tabs to select between open files.
Syntax highlighting (user configurable). Pre-configured for C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, XML, HTML, ASP, JSP, SQL, Cobol, C#, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Pascal, Perl, PHP.
UNICODE and UTF-8 support.
Support for the following new line formats: DOS/Windows, Linux/Unix, MAC.
Automatic highlighting of brackets/braces as typing or positioning occurs.
Multiple tabs for an open file.
The window can be divided in tab groups (horizontal or vertical). It is possible to move tabs by dragging them with the mouse.
Edit Box in toolbar to find quickly strings in documents.
Several docking windows with utilities. These windows can be docked in any place of the main window, or can be auto-hided when losing the focus.
File Browser Window. Build-in file browser (as Windows Explorer) to open files in the editor, or to make any operation over files or folders (copy, move, delete, etc.).
Find and Replace Window. Finds or replaces a string in the current document or in all open documents.
Find and Replace In Files Window. Finds or replaces a string in all files that a folder contains.
Regular expression support with tagged expressions for find/replace.
Find Results Windows. Allows showing search results. Double clicking over a search result, editor will open the file and will scroll until search result position.
Favorites Window and Favorites menu.
Recent Files Window.
Opens files from Internet (Web sites or FTP sites). Files opened from FTP sites can be saved directly in FTP sites.
Quick view. When a file is selected in build-in File Browser, the file is showed in quick view. This allows observing multiple files quickly.
Bookmarks support. Optionally it is possible to save bookmarks.
Edit marks support. Marks are displayed in the margin for modified lines.
Printing Preview support.
ASCII Table Window. Allows viewing and insertion of ASCII characters.
File associations. Any file type can be associated in order to open files with LopeEdit by double clicking from Windows Explorer.
User configurable toolbars and menus. It is posible to modify, add, delete commands from menus and toolbars, and to add new menus and new toolbars.
Advanced Features (LopeEdit Pro only)
Built-in hexadecimal editor. It supports the following features:
Edit values in both hexadecimal and ASCII.
Insert and delete blocks.
Multiple Undo/Redo.
Edit marks.
Find and replace.
Opens files of any size until 4GB.
External Tools support.
Tools can be run from Tools menu , from External Tools Bar , or by using hotkeys.
Several variables can be specified as parameters (file path, file name, etc.).
Built-in FTP Browser. Explores FTP sites and opens files directly in the editor.
Projects Manager.
Multiple Clipboards. It manages multiple clipboards. Every time you copy a text from any application, will be inserted a new clipboard to paste in the editor when you wish.
Code Templates Manager. It allows inserting code templates in the editor.
The code templates are organized in categories and are totally configurable. You can add, delete, modify and move code templates.
There are pre-configured code templates for C/C++, Java, Visual Basic and HTML.
The code templates can contain several variables that will be replaced for his value when inserting the template in a document. There are fixed variables (current time, current date, file path, file name, etc.) and customized variables (his values will be asked when inserting the template).
An icon can be configured for each template. All templates of HTML have an icon.
A shortcut can be configured for each template in order to insert templates quickly. When typing in a template shortcut and then TAB key, the shortcut will be replaced with template content.
Code templates are also accessible since Code Templates Menu and Code Templates Bar .
Console Windows. It runs MS-DOS command line.
Command history support.
Auto-complete files and folders by pressing TAB key .
Column mode support.
Columns selection.
Insert/fill columns.
Delete/cut columns.
Copy columns.
Insert sequential numbers.
File Compare and Folder Compare support.
IntelliSense support.
Display the keywords list of current programming language.
Display the code templates list.
Suggest keywords and/or code templates while typing in.
Auto-complete the code templates. When typing in a template shortcut and then TAB key, the shortcut will be replaced with template content.
Auto-repair case when typing in keywords.
Auto-format after pasting.

Homepage: https://www.lopesoft.com/index.php/en/products/lopeedit
Download: LopeEdit-setup-5.8.1.exe
Serial Key: GIVEAWAY-082020-0508