Free FOCUS Projects Pro 1.15.02132 for Windows and MacOS


FOCUS Projects Professional lets you produce single images with multiple sharpness layers, achieving crisp focus from front to back. With FOCUS Projects Professional, you’ll be able to produce stunning macro photos offering the finest details and sharpness, coupled with extreme depth of focus. Then take advantage of a complete set of image editing functions to take your photos to the next level.

Want to know how FOCUS Projects Professional works? Just take series of photos using varying focal planes. Then use FOCUS Projects Professional to compile the shots together into one perfect, complete image with depth of focus!

Giveaway for Windows:
Giveaway for MacOS:
Download for Windows: FOCUS-projects-professional_winenns-1.15.02132.zipmirror
Download for MacOS: FOCUS-projects-professional_macenns-1.15.02132.zipmirror

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