Ant Download Manager (AntDM) – is a tool that allows you to repeatedly increase the speed of file downloads due to multiple download streams, resume, schedule downloads, capture and download audio and video streams.

Automatically processes download errors, recovers from temporary network errors, reconnects in case of server response delays, has the ability to resume interrupted downloads due to loss of connection, network problems, computer shutdown, or unexpected power outages.

The standard GUI for softwares of this class makes AntDM friendly and easy to use. It has two screens – the first is more common for regular downloads and the second is using video preview for easy tracking of video downloads.

Has download queues, which allows you to accumulate download links at a convenient or scheduled time for the user.

Supports proxy-servers, HTTP and FTP file protocols and their protected versions of HPPTS and FTPS, as well as the main streaming protocols for audio and video content F4M, M3U8, MPEG-DASH, VIMEO-STREAM, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, processing of audio and video content.

Сan be easily integrated into the main popular browsers Microsoft EDGE (Chromium-based), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and their numerous clones: CocCoc, Comodo Dragon, Comodo IceDragon, 360Chrome, Chedot, Brave, Opera, Slimjet, SRWare Iron, Torch, UC Browser, Vivaldi, Yandex, Waterfox, etc. The integration of extension into browsers is used to automatically capture file or media links and download them. Also you can not integrate AntDM extensions into your browsers, but use AntDM autonomously. For example, drag and drop download links from a browser into AntDM, download any single links manually, in a list or in batch mode from a file.

Allows not only downloading audio files, but also extracting audio tracks from video files, converting them to the popular MP3 format and adding basic accompanying information to them.

Supports most popular Generators Premium Links (Debrids): alldebrid.com, cocoleech.com, debrid-link.fr, ffdownloader.com, linksnappy.com, mega-debrid.eu, real-debrid.com, premium.rpnet.biz, simply-debrid.com, premiumize.me, etc.

Other features include multilingual support, download categories, download log, priorities and changes of download speed, task scheduler, sounds of various events, CHM User Guide, virus protection when download completion and many more.

Homepage: https://antdownloadmanager.com/
Download: AntDM.1.19.5.promo.64Bitsapps-setup.exemirror
License: Pre Activated




Equalizer FX , bass booster and volume booster ( Eq & Bass) can improve the sound quality of your android phone.

You can use any media player (music player, video player, etc.) , the equalizer can also change the original sound quality.

Equalizer , Bass Booster, and Volume Booster ( Eq & Bass) can also increase the volume of mobile phone system, such as media volume, voice volume, system volume, ring tone volume, alarm volume, prompt volume, you can easily control.

Equalizer FX, Bass Booster and Volume Booster ( Eq & Bass), there are also 6 volume modes for you to choose, such as normal mode, music mode, outdoor mode, meeting mode, sleep mode, mute mode and custom mode, you can choose these modes according to your situation.

Using Equalizer FX , Bass Booster and Volume Booster ( Eq & Bass), you can enjoy your music better

Music Equalizer, Bass Booster ( Eq & Bass) Features:
✔ Equalizer effect (Eq effect )
✔ Bass Boost effect (Bass effect )
✔ Volume Booster effect (Volume effect )
✔ 6 volume modes
✔ 6 volume booster
✔ 7 bands equalizer
✔ Virtualizer effect
✔10 equalizer presets
✔ 2 Visual spectrums (spectrums effect )
✔ Music playback control
✔ Listen to good music whatever audio player you use
✔ Listen to good music


PDF Link Editor is a small and smart application intents to do more for you when editing PDF hyperlinks. As we all know, it is not quite convenient for users to edit multiple links in PDF with Acrobat. PDF Link Editor contains the wonderful features that enables you to edit, add, replace, remove and extract PDF links in batch mode. With its intuitive and elegant interface design, it is quite easy to access no matter you are novice or expert.

All-In-One Application. Small and Smart.
Replace Hundreds of PDF Hyperlinks in One Click.
Add or Insert Hundreds of hyperlinks to PDF in One Click.
Clear or Extract All Hyperlinks in One PDF in No Time.
Standalone and Run Smoothly Without Any Adobe Plugin Installed.
Compatible with All Adobe PDF Versions.

Homepage: https://pdflinkeditor.com/
Download: pdf-link-editor-2.4.2.exe
Serial Key: 05fb952f-a780-4aa6-b90a-a9bdd9b70cda

Serial Key: d54b7a0b-4b7b-4908-8704-460918882e2e


Create Full HD Video with Photos, Text and Sound Effects for your Youtube channel and Social Media post.
•Create video from photos and videos
•Add text and audio in video
•Add zoom/pan effect on photos
•Customize text color, size, border, shadow
•Save and edit your video project
•Cut and join video
•Create reverse video
•Create 8k, 4k, QHD, Full HD,HD videos

Homepage: http://www.fastpctools.com/fvm/
Giveaway: https://www.fastpctools.com/fvm/giveaway.html?promo=gotd
Download: FastVideoMaker_fpct-


Nowadays most of us are getting used to streaming videos on smart phones and tablets. However, there are times when streaming is not an option, like when your data plan is running low and there’s no free Wi-Fi nearby, or you are in a remote area where your carrier’s signal is weak, unstable, or just does not exist.

This is where and when an online video downloader software, like DVDFab Video Downloader, kicks in to fix the problem. It can download online videos to computer HDDs. This means, you can then transfer the downloaded videos to your mobiles and watch anywhere, and completely offline.

Giveaway: https://www.dvdfab.cn/pcgo-angebot.htm
Giveaway: https://de.dvdfab.cn/pcgo-geschenk.htm
Giveaway: https://de.dvdfab.cn/pcmagazin-geschenk.htm
E-Mail: pcmagazin202007@dvdfab.cn
Passwort: pcmagazin202007
E-Mail: pcgo202007@dvdfab.cn
Passwort: pcgo202007


VIP version benefits: Reward 1000 Gems + Remove benner.
(Compensation video ads will not be removed.)

◆◆◆ Tap Tap Fist ◆◆◆

John who was killed by an accident reincarnated in another world,
but he didn't reincarnate as a man nor a monster, but a fist…
How will he ‘punch’ through this situation!?


VideoProc comes as the No.1 fast video processing software that peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration fully powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs, delivering buttery smooth (4K) video editing and transcoding without compromising quality.

Homepage: https://www.videoproc.com
Giveaway: https://www.videoproc.com/campaign/action-cam-video-editing-station-event.htm

Download for MacOS: videoproc-for-mac-3.8.zipmirror
Serial Key for WINDOWS users: DA6NF-UX32Z-NSUQE-IHVFP

Serial Key for MAC users: DBXDK-EZEM2-RJTMG-OM3FC

Download for Windows: videoproc-for-windows-3.8.zipmirror
Serial Key for WINDOWS users: DAD74-VUYLC-R7V6D-NNXBG


Full-Featured Video Editor to Edit Video Like a Pro.

Homepage: https://acethinker.com/edit-video
Giveaway: https://acethinker.com/giveaway
Download: https://download.acethinker.com/down.php?softid=videoeditor
Serial Key: 4DAD8-C061I-M1C5X-6BC41 – B7783-E1B1J-QA8BK-7E17E
License: 1 year's free update with tech support (the software will turn back to trial after a year)




Please chose your language Elegant Handwriting Fonts pack from the list below.

Scroll the page down -> Order now -> Purchase -> Proceed to checkout twice.
Enter your existing SoftMaker account or create the new one and proceed with the order -> Confirm your
order. You'll receive the email with the archive download link and the short instructions on
how to install the fonts.


English: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=en

German: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=de

Portuguese: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=pt

Spanish: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=es

French: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=fr

Italian: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=it

Dutch: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=nl

Swedish: https://softmaker.com/newsletter/r.php?tag=fontsfree&lang=sv


Remove background your photos, cut and paste objects with ease! Photo Background Burner features automatic background detection with batch processing, smart object selection and smooth edges.
Jagged edges are a thing of the past with Photo Background Remover. Objects such as faces, people or photographed goods will be carefully selected, and their edges automatically smoothed to blend with the new background. Whether you paste that object into a new image or leave it on plain white, solid-color, textured or white background, the object will look natural and its edges won't appear pixelated.
Photo Background Remover is smart enough to tell what's background and what's the main object, so there won't be any need to circle your object with a pen. You can simply click anywhere in the picture to tell whether that object is something to keep or something to clear.

Homepage: https://www.softorbits.com/photo-background-remover/
Download: Photo_Background_Remover-6.0-sos.exe

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