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With Remote Surveillance Pro, you can keep a remote eye and ear on your webcam, video camera, desktop screen, and microphone. Remote Surveillance Pro publishes a secure website right from your PC. You can connect to your website from any web browser on any device and you will have access to slideshow of photos, video, audio, and live footage of monitored source.

Remote Surveillance Pro is multi-instance which means you can monitor multiple sources at once. Each source monitored will have its own surveillance secure website for you to connect remotely to.

Main Features:

1. Built-in professional web server to serve photos, videos, and audio on your secure website.
2. Motion and sound detection sensors are on point accurate and will register any event out of the ordinary.
3. Ability to connect to any capture device available on your system.
4. You can split, trim and join detected activity using the built-in MP4 video editor.
5. Slideshow of photos inside website, easy to analize events.

Extra Features:

1. Tasks stored in slots so you never haveto configure a task twice.
2. Hardware discovery on first run creates all profiles for you ready-to-use.
3. Ability to capture keys pressed by the PC user.
Remote Surveillance Pro is perfect to keep a remote eye and ear on your computer, webcam, and microphone.


Download: Pcwinsoft_Remote_Surveillance_Pro- (Pre Registered)

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