DoYourData Uninstaller is a smart uninstaller. This PC uninstaller can help Windows users to easily uninstall unwanted programs one by one or in batches. It will completely uninstall selected programs and clean up all leftovers including logs, junk files, registry files, logs, caches, etc. It also can help in easily and completely uninstalling useless plug-ins, games, Windows apps, etc.

Installing programs or plug-ins is very easy for Windows users. However, overmany useless programs and apps will take much precious disk space of the hard drive and slow the speed of the PC. In order to remove unwanted programs and regain the disk space, DoYourData Uninstaller offers an intelligent solution to uninstall programs and clean up all leftovers. It also can thoroughly uninstall useless Windows apps, plug-ins and games, etc. DoYourData Uninstaller will deeply scan the hard drive and find all leftovers. So it can help PC users to regain the full storage of the uninstalled programs.

OS supported: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server

Download: WindowsUninstaller.exe
Serial Key: E75F8-RSQP5-5E2FM-Y2YP1-RNREK
Serial Key: H886I-KS8L5-REA1N-JDQZC-4664V


Permanently and securely erase files/folders from SSD/HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera and other storage media to avoid data recovery.
The deleted, formatted or lost data can be recovered by data recovery software. To avoid data recovery, you need file eraser. DoYourData File Eraser can help you securely and permanently erase targeted files/folders, no chance for data recovery.
Support to permanently erase any type of files including documents, emails, photos, archives, folders, videos, audio, voice memos, etc.
This file eraser offers government & military data erasure standards, including HMG Infosec Standard 5, Baseline; DOD 5220.22-M; U.S. Army AR380-19; Peter Gutmann's algorithm. No chance for data recovery.
Once your files/folders are erased by File Eraser, no data recovery method can recover the erased files/folders – they are lost forever. And no damage to your computer, system or device.

Download for Windows: DoYourDataFileEraserWin-3.4.zipmirror
Download for MacOS: DoYourDataFileEraserMac-3.4.zipmirror
Serial Key: PXX78-X361I-V9H76-XMU2Q-PZITY


Completely uninstall programs, Windows apps, and plug-ins from computer.

Download: WindowsUninstaller.exe

Serial Key: JS3QF-TUD63-Y17VH-TWPB8-VCGF2

Serial Key: G65YI-Z1C13-SFU5Y-ZXXBY-258V6
Serial Key: GGXBH-QQZRN-IFCCT-B8WA8-H5IPP (Valid before January 5th, 2020)


The all-around Windows data recovery software to help you securely and completely recover lost data from HDD/SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, RAID, digital device, etc. Fast & safe. It is just the data recovery software you will need.

Recover all types of lost files including photos, videos, emails, audio, documents, folders, archives, etc.
Recover lost data from desktop, laptop, HDD, HDD, memory card, digital camera, RAID, Server and other storage device or digital device.
Recover data from NTFS/+, FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, EXT 2/3/4, and other file systems.



DoYourData Super Eraser is the NO.1 data erasure software that can permanently erase or wipe data from hard drive or storage device like USB drive, SD card, Memory card, external hard disk etc. If you want to completely & permanently erase unwanted files or sensitive data on your hard drive or storage device, Super Eraser is your best choice.