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In need of unique and innovative puzzles?

If you’re publishing puzzle books, selling printables, or need unique content for your website or social media, Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku 9×9 Kids Edition will help you achieve your goals.

In addition to the standard 9×9 sudokus with digits 1 to 9, you can use alphabetic characters, Roman numbers, or even your own clipart. Whether you need just one puzzle for your website, or 100’s for a sudoku puzzle book, this is the most flexible and customizable sudoku software available anywhere.

How does it work?

It’s simple.

Select the size, symbol style and difficulty level you want and click “Create”.

To use clipart, you can drag and drop your images on the clipart area, and then click “Create”.

Or you can decide to change the font type and color, the line and canvas colors, etc, before creating.

You can use any TrueType font that’s installed on your computer, change colors, line weight, and more, to create sudokus in your own unique style. By using the Preview button, you can see a sudoku puzzle and solution with the new style right away.


Like any Puzzle Maker Pro module, Sudoku 9×9 Kids Edition will create the puzzles and solutions as image files (JPG or PNG) at 300 DPI on your computer. Lightning fast. (note: creating puzzles with clipart will be a bit slower than lightning).

Don’t just make a good puzzle, make a pro puzzle with Puzzle Maker Pro.

The Puzzle Maker Pro system

Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku Kids Edition is one of the modules in Puzzle Maker Pro. All the standard Puzzle Maker Pro features are included in your purchase, such as:

  • Presets – You can save the settings as a preset and use these presets for different projects or book series, making it even easier to create puzzles with your unique styling. In addition to that, after creating or previewing your puzzles, the settings will be saved for the next session.
  • Save and Export Options – Once you're satisfied with the preview and are ready to create puzzles, there are several output options to suit your needs: Puzzles and solutions will be created as separate files on your computer in either PNG or JPG format. This allows you to use these puzzles anywhere and any way you want. The images are saved with 300 DPI for professional high-quality printing.
    There are also additional output options to automatically create a puzzle book. In addition to PNG and JPG you can export to PDF or Powerpoint format. You don’t need Powerpoint to create the files, but you’ll need Powerpoint 2007 or newer to open the files.
  • Time Saver – There is a Time Saver extension module for Sudoku, which is an additional purchase. This will work for all the different Sudoku modules in Puzzle Maker Pro. It helps you to create more puzzles and puzzle books even faster and supports additional layout options.

Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku Kids Editon Key Features:

  • Super-easy to use, ideal for novices and experienced puzzle makers alike
  • Create 4×4 and 6×6 sudoku puzzles
  • Create unique puzzles using numbers, letters or domino style dots.
  • Import your own clip art files as symbols to create one-of-a-kind Sudoku puzzles.
  • Intuitive dashboard controls and interactive preview to see your changes right away
  • Detailed control over fonts, font color, letter size and letter positioning
  • Advanced styling options for your puzzles
  • Detailed control over lines, line width and line color
  • Includes puzzle solutions
  • Save and use your own presets for puzzle or page settings
  • Export your individual puzzles and solutions at 300 DPI JPG or PNG for professional printing
  • Export as a puzzle book in JPG, PPTX (PowerPoint) or PDF format (advanced layouts require the Time Saver extension).
  • Options to set margin sizes for easy puzzle book publishing
  • Optimized for MS Windows 7 or higher, also compatible with Virtual Windows on Mac (contact customer support for more information)
  • Full commercial rights to your creations
  • Helpful and quick customer support
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • One-time payment with no on-going monthly fees

Choose Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku Kids Edition today for a fun and easy to use software that will make designing unique puzzles a breeze.

Do you need even more variation? Our Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku Variations Bundle, offers you 8 additional Sudoku styles, such as Sudoku X, Triathlon, 12×12 Sudokus, and many more.


With BookPublisherTools products you can enjoy continued support and regular updates with new and improved features, all included in the one-off price with no on-going fees for Puzzle Maker Pro modules.

And with our 30-day money back guarantee, if for any reason you’re not happy with your software, you can get a full refund – no questions asked. Just reach out to our helpdesk, which can be found in the member area.


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