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Yahoo Email Extractor is an ingenious tool developed to harvest email ids from Yahoo mail account. The tool has been given all the required features to make your work of harvesting email ids from Yahoo mail account. There are options available to fetch email ids from folders like Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc. of Yahoo mail. Even email from fields like CC, BCC, To, From, etc. can be harvested easily with the choices provided. User just has to choose the option according to his need. It has been designed in a way that more & more people can easily utilize it.

This Yahoo mail ids harvester also has choice through which you can restrict duplicate email ids from downloading. You have to just tick on the option ‘Do not list Duplicate Emails’ ad rest of the work will be done by the tool. The extracted email ids can be saved also. You can save the list of Yahoo mail addresses either in .CSV for Excel or in .TXT for Notepad. These features make the work of harvesting email ids from Yahoo mail easy & effortless. This is the reason it is considered as the best software to get email addresses from Yahoo mail account.


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